Gut Königsmühle

We are close to our dream. Over the next few months and years, a very special place will emerge at the historic Gut Königsmühle in Dortmund: a place where kids can just be kids; a place where they can explore nature, develop themselves and learn. We have big plans! Our vision for the farm is to offer children a range of nature and animal-related educational programmes so that children and young people can come “into nature” and experience it close up. There will be a communal place with an adventure playground that is sure to bring out the explorer in every child. At Gut Königsmühle, they will learn how potatoes and carrots grow, and where their breakfast egg and milk come from. We also plan to set up a lovingly-designed farm shop where we will offer regional products. The diverse beauty of nature playfully stimulates the senses, body awareness and the brain, and collectively brings the children closer to animal husbandry and farming.  Everyone is welcome – Gut Königsmühle is be an inclusive meeting place where each child can simply enjoy being a child. 

We need your support to do this!



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We need your help!

We need your support to turn all our ideas and projects for children and young people at Gut Königsmühle into reality. We have big plans and rely on your commitment to help make them happen – Whether it’s bricks for new stables, paintbrushes and paints for painting the railings, or your time spent helping with construction work on the site. Your financial support will also make a valuable contribution as we make Gut Königsmühle a great place to go and a meeting place for young and old.

Join us in helping design a farm with heart for the people of Dortmund. You can be a part of creating this new farm – because children are our future! Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Then just let us know.

Judith Hesselink

Telefon: +49 (0) 231 / 93 69 83 23


To help us make our big Gut Königsmühle project happen, we would love to have the support of committed volunteers to help in any way they can. There are already a number of tasks and activities on the Gut Königsmühle site with which we would be grateful for assistance.



Material donations

We would be glad to accept any material donations to help us create a great place to go for children and young people. Animal feed, building materials, paint, tools or plants – the list of things we need for the Königsmühle estate is long. 


Financial support goes where it is needed too. Designing a child-friendly farm with a heart requires financial resources. Would you like to make a single donation or set up a monthly or annual donation for our projects helping children and young people to learn about animals and nature? We are happy to help you organise a special fundraising event. Or perhaps you would like to set up one of our donation boxes and collect money, or become a partner of the foundation.