History A farm and place of well-being for children and young people

The “Gut” is located right on the Emscher and situated between the Mengede and Ellinghausen districts of Dortmund. It is an estate that was mentioned in medieval sources as the “Königsburg” (King’s Castle) with a water mill. The “Gut” got its current name from the water mill powered by the Emscher.

The “Gut” estate was used from the early 20th century onwards through to the 1960s as what is known as a mining estate. Various mining companies belonged to it, making it the largest farm estate in the surrounding area. In the past four decades, the former owner Hoesch AG, latterly thyssenkrupp AG, had leased out the estate. The courtyard complex is now listed.

Social organisations, such as the Christopherus Association, have been established on the site for a while now. This association and other social organisations shape the current profile of the former mining estate.