The foundation

The help and hope foundation was founded by Stefan Heinig and other dedicated companies in 2005 in order to give children and young people the chance of a better future. In doing so, the charity does not just give short-term help but it also offers them long-term and sustainable support. Here, the foundation also undertakes its own projects.

Through the training programme “GidZ-Gemeinsam in die Zukunft” (GidZ - together into the future), the foundation supports young people who for one reason or another had problems at school and were therefore not able to get good - or even any - school qualifications. The language and integration project “4YOU” is aimed at young refugees who have only been in Germany for a short time and helps them to integrate.

Help and hope works with over 100 companies and project partners to develop ideas and projects. The Board of Directors comprises Sandra Heller (Chair), Gerhard Gotthard (Vice Chair) and Markus Meier (Member). You can find all information at a glance in our mission statement and foundation flyer, both of which are available for you to view here. The foundation exclusively and directly serves non-profit and charitable purposes in accordance with the “Tax-Privileged Purposes" section of the German tax code. Please find our Articles of Association here.